Sept 2016 Revision

Hand & Foot Canasta Rules


Many variations of the game exists;  these are the P73C agreed-upon Rules


2-to-6 players. One deck MORE than the # of players, a 4-handed game uses 5 decks incl. ten jokers. Each player is dealt two separate 13-card hands from a player from each team. (if the dealer selects the correct number of cards they get 100 bonus points).


Once ALL the cards in your “hand” are played, you pick up your “foot”. Once you play your discard – your turn ends.  


A Canasta is a meld of 7 cards of the same number (rank). You CAN add cards into these after they are closed. If a 7-card Canasta is played at one time – a 500 Bonus is awarded.


Your Turn – Draw two cards from the stock, and discard one (in that order):  OR,  if you have two of the turned up card in your hand you can play them and pick the top 7 cards on the stock pile.  (UNLESS IT’S A BLACK 3 in which case you cannot pick up the pile.)


The cards have the following point values:                                  

Black 3, 4, 5, 6, 7    5
8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King  10
Deuce, Ace  20
Joker    50
Red Three (play immediately & replace) 100

Deuces & Jokers are WILD – there must be more natural cards than wild in each Canasta.

If a Wild card is discarded:  the pile is FROZEN (nobody can pick it up) until the play returns to the person who played the Wild card.
POINTS:               A Mixed, Dirty or Black Canasta (with wild cards) is 300 points

  • a Natural, Clean or RED Canasta (no wild cards) is 500 points
  • The team/player that GOES OUT gets a Bonus of 100 points.
  • If a team/player has ALL the Red Threes, the 3’s score is doubled.

In order to go out, your team needs:  1 Red & 1 Black Canasta
Melds each Hand or Round Progress from 50, 90, 120, 150 Points before play begins.


January 2013 Agreed upon rules for

Devon Pioneers 73 Sticks Card Game
A Rummy Card Game with a Twist

Players: minimum of 2-6 players. Best with 3 or more.

Objective: First person to turn up 7 sticks wins.


– 4 Decks of Cards with Jokers
– 1 Solid Container or Bag to hold the sticks in. (Make sure you can not see through it)

Rules of the Game

Basic card playing rules apply: a RUN is cards in the same suit, 3,4,5, etc, unless the stick says otherwise.  3 of a kind is three cards with same number or 3 face cards. A Joker or a 2 is a wild card.

1. Everyone chooses a stick from the container. Keep it hidden from everyone else when choosing. Everyone then places the stick face down in front of themselves. They may look at the stick as required but want to avoid revealing it to those around them.
2. If you pick up one of the FREE sticks, put it up in front of you and choose again.
3. The Dealer then deals 15 cards to every player. Return undealt cards to the top of the face down deck. Flip over the top card. If this is a 2 or a Joker card, these are wild and the starting player has to pick up that card and place it into their hand. IN the first round, it is the person to the Right of the dealer. In subsequent rounds, the winner of the last round goes first.
4. Everyone looks at their cards and sorts them out. Remember that you are looking specifically for what is on your stick. The goal is get what you need quickly so you can turn that stick face up.

5. Each player, playing clockwise around the table, takes a turn either picking up one card from the face down deck or from the top card of the discard pile. You can only take the top card discarded from the player to your right and not from any underneath on the discard pile. You can only hold a maximum of 15 cards in your hand so you have to discard one to the discard pile.

6. To turn over your stick, you must have what is written on the stick. To do this, take the cards pertaining to the stick and lay them down in front of you. You have to do this first before anything else gets laid down in front of you. After you have done this, lay down any other sets or runs in front of you as well. You can also place down extra cards in your hand onto other people’s sets and runs. (When laying down cards for your stick, watch for the following wilds can be used to help get your stick. They can take the place of anything you need to get that stick. But, in order to use wilds for your stick you MUST have one natural card pertaining to that stick. Eg. You need 3 nines for your stick, one of those 3 nines must be an actual 9 of any suit and can be 2 wilds with it. In a run of something, the same rule applies)

7. The you can reduce the cards in your hand in 4 different ways. A: Player discards a card from their hand to the discard pile, B: Players uses the card to add to one of their sets or runs down in front of them, C: Player uses the card to add to one of the sets or runs in another player’s playing field.

8. The Round ends when  A: Player discards their last card from their hand to the discard pile, even if other players still have cards in their hand, or B:When everyone has a stick turned face up the round is over. No one has to discard their last card if everyone has a stick turned over. You are trying to go out before other people turn their stick over.   A player must not go out before each person has one chance for a turn. They must not go out by taking a final card from the discard pile. You must have a card to discard to go out.

9. Once that round has ended players who where able to turn over their stick get to choose another one just like in steps 1 and 2.

10. The person to the left of the previous dealer now deals out to every person 15 new

11. The game ends when the first person turns over their 7th stick.  That person does not have to get rid of the rest of their cards to go out, just be able to turn over that stick.


Crazy cards (adapted)

You will need one deck of cards for every 4 people playing and one deck of larger cards for the Teller and some form of tokens.

Deck is dealt out to the 4 players, plus having 10 tokens. If only 3 players, one hand sits void on the table. Each player places a token in the cup.

The Teller shuffles the larger deck, revealing and telling the players what the card is.

As play continues with drawing ad telling, one player will be left with only one card. With only one card remaining, that player knocks on the table, declares last card and stands up. Play continues, with other players knocking and claiming “Last Card!”

The round is over when one of the standing players actual last card is revealed by the Teller. They become the winner of that round.  They receive the tokens for that round. There are 10 rounds.