About Us


Empowering adults 50+ for personal independence, healthy aging, social connection, and life-long learning in Devon. 


  • To develop meaningful opportunities and teach skills through a variety of activities.
  • To promote health and wellness to ensure a better quality of life.
  • To encourage opportunities for interactions with the community and other participant for social enrichment.
  • To provide leadership opportunities allowing participants to use their interests and life experiences.
  • To offer services and life-long learning opportunities that enriches and enhances participants’ quality of life and positive feelings of self-worth.


In 1973, employees of Imperial Oil Ltd  and others who had come to support the opening of  a new community; who had lived in the community of Devon since its establishment as “Canada’s first planned community” in 1947, hence, Devon Pioneers,  and friends, decided they wanted to create a social club in Devon for those 50+(a senior’s centre). They wanted a place to dance, play cards, read, visit, debate and expand the opportunities for discussion and interaction. The group expanded the facility in the early 80s to be the Devon Pioneer Club centre we have today.

Whether you use the term Alberta Seniors, recycled teen-agers or just people who want to have fun, this is why the place was established.

Who are we?

Well, lots of people don’t like to think of themselves as getting older, but we are, in fact, a group that operates, in conjunction with the Town of Devon, to act as a Seniors Centre for Devon and area, and we can be a pretty lively bunch.  We need people of all ages, 50+ included, working together to build strong, community-based connections that give us resilience to keep growing and going, healthy and strong.  Come out to an event and see how you can reach out and get involved, or just participate.  This can be your club!

Annual Membership

Our annual membership drive begins in the fall as activities ramp up again. Our membership year runs from Jan 1 to Dec 31 and its just $20 per year.